Hello! I really wanted to bring back Meatless Mondays this year but have been lazy about it. I think plant based diets are very healthy. So, I’d like to start making every Monday vegetarian and focus on vegetables and fruits and grains and beans in my diet one day a week. I think this is […]
מלא את הסוג למטה כדי לקבל את יומן הריצה שלך כמו גם התחל היום. יומן הריצה שלך יכול להיות אחד הכלים הטובים ביותר שיש לך בסופו של דבר להיות רץ הרבה יותר טוב. שימוש ביומן ריצה יומיומי כמו גם הערכתו באופן קבוע מספק לך המון מידע על ההתקדמות, הלך הרוח שלך, כל סוג של אזורים […]
Today Ben as well as I headed into Washington D.C. for the Cherry Blossoms! three years back (just about a month before I satisfied Ben!) I checked out DC just before the blossoms came out as well as was disappointed. But, I was extremely delighted to be able to catch them today! I packed up […]
Ben as well as I were fighting yesterday as well as are in the post-fight “I truly like you as well as want to see you every second of the day since I stated shitty things as well as want to make sure you don’t leave me” phase. (Wait, is that just me?) So, we […]
hi from Florida!! No, you don’t requirement to revitalize this page – this isn’t a publish from 2016. however yes, it is extremely much like 2016 since I went to Marco Island, FL with Ben. It’s his family’s annual trip as well as because I’ve been caged up for over a year I jumped at […]